Hi! So I have started a protocol 16 days ago and I already feel better and have lost some weight. I am not really overweight but I have been obsessing with weight and buffering with food since teen years and I really just want that to stop. I have done a lot of work and though changes, but not really lost any weight. Finding your program was a last puzzle I needed and I am so happy I found it. Honestly, I don’t care what I weight I know that self love comes from within and I will love myself at any weight but I do want to eat when I am hungry and stop obsessing with food and I will be able to not buffer. And I have done it for two weeks and I am feeling in control and I see the light at the end of a tunnel.

Here is where it gets interesting…. My husband who I have talked to about this and who is one of those ppl that have no emotional connection to food and has loved me for last 13 years just as I am….well this awesome guy comes out and says that men like us women to be curvy (my body shape is not curvy I have a belly, and this as I am writing it is triggering emotional response, I guess I don’t see myself as curvy) and not too skinny. I just realise that I was since Friday evening pissed at that and I have just put that away. I already know that I don’t want to be skinny. I don’t care what weight I will be but this is not a diet. I explained why I am doing this and I honestly don’t want to explain to anyone why I am doing thing. So I think I am mad because in my mind its like you have commented on my belly and to try exercises lovingly here and there but now when I am doing something you throw that in there and it kind of puts some doubt in why am I doing this. Well for me! He will love me either way and I want to be in control. But still there is something now stuck in my head on a loop that I shouldn’t lose too much.