Trip Protocol

Hello there!

I am just finishing my 2nd month as a scholar and for me that also means I am about to finish my first 60 days being on protocol and losing 22 pounds.

This Tuesday I will be traveling for a family visit for 10 days and I was trying to find the best way to create a special protocol, given the fact that I will be meeting family members one meal after another for the entire stay, and that part of the culture is hosting with food generously.

I decided that some of the ways I can create a protocol are for example:

* Fast during all my flights (to and from).
* No matter what, never have flour and sugar.
* No matter what, never have alcohol.
* During meals aim for a good protein, with raw or cooked vegetables.

In the past I taught my brain that traveling is always a great reason to overeat.
The moment I would get to the airport I would buy myself treats, I would always eat all the meals on the plane, and would always overeat during the vacation.

Now I want to teach my brain something new, so I expect that right at the airport, on the plane and anywhere I’ll go, my brain will constantly suggest to eat this and snack that.

From what you could tell, is there anything else I could add to the protocol above to make it even more tight?