Trip to Miami

I would love some coaching on my trip to Miami. I can already see how I am starting to bring on anxiety about the travel- it being hard- trying to organize to see my sister-Disney…I want to just be excited about it. I don’t want to hold on to an idea or agenda of how things should be and just relax.

My main thoughts that feel true but I know are optional are:
1) I hate to fly- This is actually not true but something I always tell myself. The truth is I don’t like turbulence but I am not a crazy nervous flyer. I think I get very worked up about the process of getting from one place to another (packing the kids, taking care of the dog- all of this seems very dramatic to me- ha)

2) When I am in Miami I am going to have to take care of my Mom’s feelings-When we are in miami my mom will be there (She lives here in CT with me but has a house there) and she is 20 minutes outside of the city and is asking me to come to her and I just want to enjoy the city of Miami and feel stressed I am going to let her down

3) I also feel stressed about my manual for my husband/kids/mom/sister—that they have to follow it in order for me to “relax”.

I would love whatever insight you have on this. Thank you!