Troll on Social Media

I’m an eye doctor and trying to build my online presence and authority on social media. I have been successful and more companies and organizations are noticing me. I was recently invited to tour the plant of a device that I use to help patients. I loved the device before I went on the tour, but I loved the company after I went. I loved their vision and their work atmosphere. Even more, I loved their CEO. She is a wonderful, smart woman and I want her to continue to notice me. I want to continue to work with her and her company.
On Friday, I posted on LinkedIn that I had used the device and the results I had gotten. My post was commented on that I was using a device to treat something that could have been treated without using such an expensive device. I was accused of not knowing what I was doing, in-experienced, and only trying to feed the corporate machine at the expense of my patient and wasting insurance dollars.
I do understand that there were other treatment options available. I chose the more expensive treatment because of the circumstances surrounding the situation. The patient had a beautiful and fast recovery.
I chose not to comment back and forth with the doctor writing publicly that I was an idiot. I thought it would only fan the flame. But, it has made me feel terrible since then. I feel like I have wronged my patient. I used a high cost technology. I want to fix it and tell my billing manager that I will pay any out of pocket costs out of my own paycheck. I don’t want to bill the patient. I feel really awful.
I understand that I need to learn to grow my tolerance for failure. I don’t think I failed my patient. But, I do think I failed at my social media plan. This is definitely not how I wanted to get the attention for the CEO.
I have a tightness in my chest that runs down my arms and tingles. I really want to cry about the situation as well. I’m not sure how to get past it yet. It affected the way I showed up with my family yesterday, after it happened. I just wasn’t present with my family. And, my mind kept going back to how much of an idiot I am. Ugh.
Thank you for any help you can give.