Trouble coming up with 25 fails

My impossible goal involves leading workshops in skills that I don’t yet have, so I’m having trouble coming up with 25 fails. It seems like a lot of my first results need to be “Be able to do — “ or “practice speaking with a more clear voice, giving simpler and more direct instructions” (in my current teaching situations). I can come up with a lot like that, but they don’t quite seem like the results/fails that Brooke is encouraging us to list. I don’t yet know enough about the details of my goal to know if I will – say – need to start an IG account. I think I need at least a quarter of preparation and planning before I begin to take this out into the world. There are plenty of steps along the way and I’m excited to take them, but most of them don’t seem to line up with the guidelines for the 25 fails.