Trouble feeling good in current work situation

I can’t stop thinking that I’m in the wrong career. I am trying to hear Brooke’s teachings on managing my mind in this career first before trying to find something new. But, I’m really having a hard time believing this. Help with bridge and/or intentional models?
C: I work as a multimedia journalist
T: I wish I didn’t freak out with high stress/perfectionism over every single article I write no matter how small (and low paying). I wish I had a focused career (mine is currently a little all over the place because of all the media I work in – radio, video, photo, writing, data) that I love and also feels meaningful and also pays well.
F: Stuck, sad, anxious.
A: Blow things out of proportion during every single assignment, as if I’m being chased by a polar bear.
R: Super stressed out, don’t fully show up for kids, can’t see a way out, can’t see even a possibility of different job that would feel more in line with my heart (even though I know I need to manage my mind in this current job first), so no light at the end of the tunnel.