trouble finding thoughts for my intentional models


I’m trying to do an intentional model for creating motivation to work. I have a model that looks like this:

C todo list keeps growing at work
T i’m not going to be able to do everything on time
i’m not showing up, i’m a disappointment
F awful, stressed, agitated
A i shut down, i do nothing, or i buffer (thinking of my todo lists at home for instance), i wait
R i’m not getting it done

I’d like my intentional model to be something like:
F focused, motivated
A i analyze, i debug & think, i write code
R i’m getting it done

But I can’t find a thought that I really believe that generates it. I’ve tried “I have a lot of experience to gain from this” which can make me feel excited, but not really focused. “let’s do one thing at a time” is better for making me feel calmer, but doesn’t last really long. Listening to the live call on feelings today, I realized that intentional models don’t work long unless I really believe the thought.

I do love my work. But I struggle a lot with thoughts about me being inadequate, useless, “less than” etc. And of course my result “not getting it done” is just fuel for my brain to keep believing those thoughts.
And it’s come to the point where I’m afraid of my result in advance:

C i have a new task to do at work
T i’m going to freeze and not do it on time again
F scared
A i shut down, i do nothing, or i buffer
R i’m not getting it done

If I can’t find a thought for my intentional model yet, is it because I’m not “done” exploring all those thoughts yet? Am I right in thinking that I need to stop believing these thoughts of inadequacy and believe that I can do it, before I can actually find the motivation I need? Or is there something else going on? I think I have to do bridge thoughts about that, but I am struggling to find something that works for that too.

Thanks in advance for your help