trouble following protocol

I have been off sugar/flour for 20 weeks except for once weekly exception meal. Current weight 153, height 5′ 8″. I was eating 3 times a day but weight loss stopped so decided to incorporate intermittent fasting with a 6 hour window, meals at 11 and 5. I write down on a piece of paper what I am going to eat every day ahead of time, but when it comes to following through I only do about half the time. I get enticed by the catered lunches and snacks at my work that are there every day and sometimes I eat them (always on protocol food, never sugar or flour) instead of what I planned and I eat them in larger volumes than my planned meal so often times I am overly full. I know EXACTLY what I am supposed to do with allowing the urges for this other food, but my desire for the catered foods in large amounts sometimes wins out. When I get these urges they feel so powerful and I really try to allow them so I don’t know what is wrong and why I just can’t eat what I planned. I understand this is not a helpful thought but it seems like everyone else is able to drop massive weight really quickly and easily and in some of the videos Brooke says the weight just comes off really easily and then you have to deal with this emotional stuff but this has not been my experience.