Trouble getting Result line

I find I struggle with the result portion of the model and then my brain provides me ALL kinds of chatter about it. Looking for some guidance with this.

C: The Model
T: I’m not getting the “oh I see it now” moment with the model
F: discouraged
A: spin in my head, look outside myself for examples/help, judge myself and this work, consume information, compare others “progress”, overthink
R: ???? continue to find evidence I’m not getting it
I’m not sure this is the R that fits this model.

C: The model
F: hopeful
R: I see the power of the model in my life

When I try to find something that provides an element of excitement or hopefulness it ends up sounding more like a mantra as opposed to something that might make me generate a feeling of hopeful if that makes sense (ie: this takes practice/it’s a journey not a destination/just because it’s hard doesn’t mean I’m not getting it/I’m learning the model exactly as I’m meant to etc).  Thanks as always for your wisdom and insight!