Trouble Getting My #*@% Together Here.

Hi Brooke,

Thanks so much for all of your life changing advice with this program! Since I started listening to your podcast in Oct, i’ve lost 10 lbs, asked for a promotion, and have been able to make my time twice as productive towards my work and body goals. The catch is, i’m doing ALOT. I’m working 10 hours a day, working out, developing my small business, traveling, and making time to see my family. The life changes i’ve been able to make from listening to your podcast, and your SCS calls, have been more than worth what i’ve paid for these 2 months. However, I just can’t seem to get myself to do the daily written work in the workbooks, or read the stuff you send out. I WANT to do it, but It always gets pushed to the bottom of my list, and I don’t get it done. I feel so guilty spending all this money when i’m not doing the homework I should be doing. And I know if I did everything that the program requires, I could overhaul my life to fulfill my potential, but I have no time to breathe from the life i’ve already created. I want to blow my own freaking mind Brooke, but i’m struggling. My instinct is to quit and save my money, but I know you promised if I stuck with it and do the work, i’d have the tools to create my dream life.

The answer seems simple…just block out time and GET IT DONE. But just like “if i’m so smart, why can’t I lose weight”, if i’m so smart, why can’t I do my homework.

Do you feel this program still worth it for me? And how can I turn it around, make the most of your assignments, and my money invested in the self coaching scholars program.

You’re the best,