Trouble Identifying Past Focused Events


So I’m working through this months homework and I’ve been having a hard time identifying past events that are shaping my future. I never had traumatic life events that people are calling out. I’ve done a lot of work already on past focused issues which has been super helpful but I cannot find an event in the past that I define as negative. Some of the most defining events from my past were:
My mom leaving my last year of college
My parents fighting harshly when growing up
A hard breakup of a long term relationship
Moving across the country for college and then back again for work

I see all these experiences as positive for a variety of reasons but at a high level they are positive because I wouldn’t be where I am now and I wouldn’t have been able to help others without those experiences. How do I identify the life events that are still affecting me but I’m not even noticing? The main areas I’m working on in terms of limiting beliefs I still want to clear out of my life are around money and unconditional love for my significant other. My dad always told me that I would never be able to make more than upper middle class and my mom always told me I’d have to find a man who would provide but I’ve worked on those and truly understand that those were their limiting beliefs and they have nothing to do with me, plus those weren’t “life altering events”. Does my question make sense? And how can identify what to work on this month when we talk about specific past events?

Thank you!