Trouble w/ Feb Work

I created the following model for my Feb work, as I feel that though I do a TDL every morning (super helpful!) I have a very hard time identifying emotions that I’m feeling, even when I remember to ask myself throughout the day. I’m working on actively creating emotions, but my desired ones seem to be the same on all workdays, and more nebulous on weekends. The thoughts I’m having are that I should somehow be doing more, that I’m not getting it, that I’m missing something, basically that something is not right…

I feel resistance to working with body sensations, even though it’s not technically hard, and I’m not sure what that’s about. I did start a list inside my Feb book of a few emotions and how they feel in my body; but I’m having the thought that I need to do that for ALL emotions, which gets overwhelming and de-motivating. (And yes, I GET that’s just a thought… 🙂

The model (same FAR for both thoughts):
C = Feb SCS homework
T = I’m not doing enough / not learning enough
F = agitated, disappointed, blaming
A = do even less, potentially give up on it
R = I don’t get to get the learning from this important work

C= Feb SCS homework
T = ??
F = calm, at pleace, enough, accomplished
A = do what I can of the daily work, enjoy it and learn what I’m able to learn right now
R = grow while enjoying the process, take the next needed step forward knowing that all future learning is still available for me, get what I need right now

I’d love help in finding helpful thoughts in the intentional model, as well as your thoughts on my inability to access feelings… thanks!!