Trouble with haphazard professor

I am in my second year of grad school, and up until now all of my professors have been great. This semester, however, I have two classes with the same professor, who is scattered and unfocused. We asked him for several weeks to provide a syllabus. He requires us to jump through hoops and posts work and updates throughout the week, requiring us to check in constantly. Here are my models:

C: I have professor in two courses
T: He is disorganized and makes us jump through hoops – I can’t stand it
F: Frustrated
A: Complain to family, balk at assignments, check the course constantly to the detriment of my time
R: Not managing time or emotions well

IM #1 (I need a laddering thought)
C: Same
T: I am learning to accept what is with peace
F: Acceptance
A: Do assignments without judgment
R: Thinking about class stays in class time/work

IM #2 (I made a chart to help me see my progress)
C: Same
T: I am progressing through the course on schedule
F: Pleased
A: Don’t let assignments/work creep into other areas
R: Focused on progress and the interesting material

I’m new to models, so how do they look? Since I need laddering thoughts – do I just repeat those immediately after a negative thought until I start to believe it?