Trouble with model and R line

Hi, I’m having trouble figuring out my model and seeing how my results connect back to my thoughts. I feel silly even having to ask, but I need help.

C – Cleaning the house
T – I just have to get it off my plate
F – Anxiety
A – Not sleeping, not sitting down at night, clean for hours and hours, pick at people, blow up at them, avoid doing it
R – I get it done but it’s stressful

C – Cleaning the house
T – I’m the only one who notices
F – Resentful
A – walk around in martyr syndrome
R – ?

C – My family member said they wouldn’t be caught dead living in the county I live in
T – I didn’t do the right thing
F – Anger
A – I make a joke, deal with it with sarcasm, avoid embarrassment by carefully choosing comments, try to maintain composure
R – I believe I didn’t do the right thing??