Trouble with statement "children are always given to exact right parents"

I have come across this statement “children are always given to the exact right parents” in a coaching call and in Ask a Coach.
I am a mother of three. I don’t know if that’s the reason I find it hard to believe this thought.
What about children whose parents abuse them? How can this statement be true? How would these parents be “right” for them? Obviously their parents are their parents, there’s nothing we can do about it. But are their parents “exactly right”? I suppose it is better to tell yourself this thought, because if you chose to believe “I have, or I had, the wrong parents” you would just be “punching yourself in the face” and you would feel aggrieved and resentful and like a victim?
Still, I am struggling with this statement. For example, I had a friend, who had severe mental health problems, in part because her father and her brother sexually abused her for years. Her mother knew about it and did nothing. How can I think that she had the right parents? Should she think she had the right parents? She actually changed her surname and stopped all contact with her father when she turned 18. I am not sure what she would have thought about the statement that she had the exact right parents… And I admit, I think her father was a monster! I know he probably had his own issues, probably had been abused himself, but to abuse your child sexually for years… I am really struggling with accepting that.
Can you help me understand?