Trust in Coaching

Working to stop seeking, let go and trust myself. But also trust coaching. Recently my Ask A Coach was edited when I mentioned thoughts about a financial burden of LCS certification which has been a common theme potential student’s discuss, both here, and on live coaching calls. When I Asked A Coach why my question was edited (money concerns, credit card payment), the response was that LCS certification is not addressed here on Ask A Coach but I was given an email to discuss certification- there wasn’t a question of certification, just my thoughts about money.

Now I see someone Asked A Coach about preparation for training and a specific question about certification that may be more of a positive appeal to your readers. This questions stands which shows that you do answer questions about certification here. I find this disappointing and opposite of what LCS teaches. All the coaching here, and the podcast, suggests revealing and accepting all of the thoughts and feelings and sitting with them. If mine are not in alignment with the school’s agenda and therefore are edited out, then the message I received is gaslighting and slanted to keep selling.

There is a toxic culture of positivity that can be pretty damaging. My experience here has been eye opening, revealing, extremely beneficial because I am guided to watch my thoughts- all of them- to see where they lead me and mostly to discover curiosity instead of judgement. Compassion, kindness and a better relationship with myself. How can I address feeling shut down and erased here?

C Not conforming to an agenda
T I’m in a sales cult
F Suspicious
A Question, close down, don’t trust
R Wait out a response that makes sense to me, close down, feel vulnerable, put walls up, shut self out of belonging, mourn the happy phase, listen to gut instinct

Don’t we want to heal, feel and not erase?