trusting abundance will come back around

I just increased the hours for my monthly sub-contractor – yikes! I’ve done models on this and thought about this for some time. Assigning more of the work to my subcontractor (who is amazing) will create more room on my plate to work on tasks for attracting more quality clients, which will allow me to expand my business. I’m still stuck on a time for money trade. I haven’t figured out how that is NOT the case with my consulting business. I did move to more of a flat fee arrangements. I also (years ago) stopped tracking time and work around deliverables (and over-delivering).

My question….

I have some fear around giving up this income, but I keep remembering what you say about an abundant mindset. That it will always return to you in some form. I am trusting that as I continue to live with an open hand with my clients and subcontractors (who are all amazing and over-deliver to me), it will lead to an increase (not decrease) of abundance. There is still fear there and an instinct to keep a tight grip. Any ideas on intentional thoughts?
Thanks, Brooke