trusting my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I have been dating 2 years now known him for 3. Lately I have been catching him in little and white lies. I have confronted him about these. I asked why he lied and sometimes he will say I dont know and then just the last one he said “to make you happy”. So obviously I need to do some work on my part. losing my manual for him, stop expectations, let go of what I cant control, manage my thinking and emotions about the things he does/say ect.

Im happy to to get better and change this part about me of course but how do I trust him again? He says he will stop but how do I know he isnt just say that to make me happy…? How do I stop this disheartening feeling…? A model for every time he speaks…

Every time I got to write in a question its like my thought download then I actually do a model and i feel i have figured it then I feel better. this time i will not ujst delete it all i will write my Models

C scott speaks
T he is lying
F sick and paranoid
A stalk him. Not focused on myself
R scott gets irritated we fight and proably break up

C scott speals
T he is always telling me the truth
F good and loving
A focus on me and my task at hand
R happy me and happy him