Trying to find the C – unsure how to complete the model

I’m trying to analyze my thoughts emotions and actions from earlier today – so I can learn and not make the same mistake of coping with food next time – and am struggling to find the C. I was in a transition part of my day – and had just completed a hard task that had taken me way out of my comfort zone. I did great. But then my day spiraled. Looking back, I can find all sorts of random thoughts – some related to the just-completed task, some related to the rest of my afternoon, some related to my own thoughts.

Now I have to figure out how to follow up. They don’t want to hear from me. I don’t have anything they need.
I don’t want to meet {name}. It will be awkward and take too long.
I still need to call {name}. I don’t have time to meet with her. I can’t even get my own projects done. I shouldn’t have said I could help.
We need a few groceries. Can I go to the grocery store hungry? Why do we “need” groceries? Maybe I should wait.
The kids will be home soon. I don’t have much time.

My feelings were that of being frazzled and anxious.

I can come up with new feelings that I’d LIKE to have. But beyond that, how do I break this up into a workable model(s)? What is the original C?