Trying not to be confused……or am I? :)

Dear Brooke,
I have been listening to your podcasts for many months and I love you. I joined SCS in March and I love the work even more. Already I have had many break throughs in my existing thought patterns, and I know it’s just a taste of things to come.

I originally came across your work when I was “googling” how to drink less, this journey seems like it will be more. Many, many things you say around the kind of person and qualities you need to be a life coach really resound with me on a deep level and I am seriously considering your training. I am clear I couldn’t begin any coach training until I have my own yard in order.
As along with alcohol, I also eat to much and have been stuck in a work rut for too long.

My partner and I have been running his restaurant and bar for over 10 years, (food and alcohol yup!) we met when I was doing some consultancy work for the business. During this time I developed my skills in the venue around branding and interior design, so then went on to formalise my interest and became an interior designer. At the end of last year (6 months) I worked across a variety of interior design jobs as well as continuing my role as GM in our bar. It was pretty hectic but It was great to have the opportunity to practice my craft. But at the end of all that work I found myself questioning the value of that effort, was there a point to it, did it make a difference, was talking taps and tiles just a little to vacuous for me?

My plan had been to get a design business up and running so I could step out of my partners business. But I’m really confused about whether I want that or not .

My April goal was to develop an interior design product for launch at the end of the month, which I have (mostly) done, but I’m struggling to feel passion around it. But I’m also aware that this confusion and uncertainty could be just fear ( which I have come to understand, thanks to you is my singular default setting:) )
The planning process, by the way really helped me realise how much trouble I have getting to the heart of my goal, and how complicated I make the path.

My question is should I push through my misgivings around my April goal and see where that takes me, or should I have focused on stop over drinking work instead? ( this is the niche area that I would coach in, if I was a coach)

Ps I have however taken massive action today and confirmed with my partner I’ll be giving notice to the business (epic for me for a variety of reasons) on Thursday.


I’ve been ill the last few day so I’ve been gutsing on your material, ( that’s your next workshop, “how to stop over Brooking” ) and for sure I’ve taken too much info in!!