Trying not to rely on “hard work”

Model #1
C: See competitors following on Social media
T: She will pass me and become more successful than me.
F: hopeless and scared
A: Avoid marketing and Social media, ruminate
R: Less followers and less impact for my followers

Intentional Model: ( I started with the feeling I want to feel)
C: See a competitor on social media
T: I am hard working and my strength is that I never give up
F: Empowered and excited
A: Jump on social media and I am very present, more present when NOT on social media
R: More joy and more engagement on social media

PROBLEM: I am really trying to get away from relying on my work ethic and hard work to motivate me. I am a VERY hard worker and I have relied on this as my “strength”. I would like to find another way to feel empowered without just relying on grit.