Trying to achieve goals on time!?

Hi! First month at SCS. I first heard of SCS by looking up life coach on my iphone podcast app. Best thing I ever did! Brooke’s words in the first three podcast episodes I heard in October 2017 were amazing and life blowing. I am currently a New York Life Agent for a year and a half right out of college, awaiting my acceptance letter for law school to start in August 2018. I met with a client in September 2017 that made me want to become a lawyer…I always knew I wanted to do it but was scared about all the work all the reading that I didn’t think I was capable of doing especially since I already went to college for business and had just finished my Bachelors. I changed my thoughts on myself and the subject and said I can do it…I’m suppose to be uncomfortable everyday to become bigger and better and be more successful. It’s ok to feel uncomfortable, not thinking about what other people say or think about my decision or decisions. I joined the program to have guidance and help in creating the right plan for success. I feel like I need a woman that is successful like Brooke to help me and guide me and reassure me that I’m doing the right thing or that I’m not. I have a vision board, my second one and this one with dates. It is April and I have not completed some of the goals on time, I am working on it and will be done but I am just behind. I guess this month is truly helpful on planning my time not just creating a to do list. Putting it on the calendar. I ultimately want to bring value to this world and help people around me worldwide. I feel like I need to invest in myself in order to be in the right direction and be successful. I want to learn how to manage my vision, my goals on time, my money the right way, not let time fly and not be anywhere. I don’t want to have to worry about time, not doing something, take all my energy on only one thing as oppose to different things at the same time to accomplish my goals. Being in a commission only job is hard and takes a lot of your time but it’s the price for a rewarding end? Am I in the right program to become the better version of myself? Am I doing the right thing? What to do? God willing, I am in the right path and direction. I have reached a point in my short lived life that I need to use my time effectively daily towards the right direction and feeling better about my actions and goals daily and truly being happy inside and out. Thank you!!!