Trying to "be better"

This model came from the constant feeling of self doubt that I have had lately. In health, career, parenting, marriage etc. I am trying to be better and feeling like I am failing at it all. I believe I would arrive at “being better” if I was not drinking so much, not eating so much, not eating candy and fast food, being patient and present with my kids, feeling a good connection with my husband, feeling pleased and proud of myself, moving my career forward, maintaining my house. Oh, brother! If I could just have it all together, life would “be better.” Mind is constantly on the “it’s not good enough, be better” perfectionist bullshit! Help!

C – Trying to be better at everything
T – I’m failing at everything
F – Doubtful
A – Buffer with food, buffer with spending, buffer with organizing, start many things but do not finish, spin in overwhelm.
R – Failing myself