Trying to coach my sister

My sister is about to be divorced and is frightened and lost. She thinks she wants coaching so I suggested she join Scholars but she says she can’t afford to. Everything I suggest is met with a wall of reasons (excuses) and then she spends hours moaning about her terrible life. Is it possible or even advisable to try and coach a sister? She doesn’t want my advice but asks for it constantly. I’m running out of patience. She has paid for coaching before but in her mind “it didn’t work” so she says she can’t afford to do it again. Whereas I think she can’t afford not to. Maybe it’s time to just accept her where she’s ‘at’ and love her anyway? Any thoughts or helpful suggestions? I have a coach friend who says never work with freinds or family as it’s too emotionally charged but my sister just thinks I’m being mean if I withold my skills and coaching as I could share them with her for nothing and she’d be all sorted. But so far, everything I have suggested, she has had a good reason not to do. So it feels a bit hopeless.