Trying to Figure it out

As I’ve been doing this work, I have been peeling off some of the layers of my negative thinking and I learned that I have to be compassionate with myself. To pour self-love on myself because I am where I am today because of my experiences and everyday I am working to heal those wounds that have been so deeply ingrained in my subconscious.

I have this burning desire to create a positive shift in my life so that I can use it to help others transform their lives. That is why I feel called to become a life coach. I now understand the power of doing the inner work and how fear can cripple people because of their thoughts. Oh boy, do I have fears! And then the thoughts come pouring down like Niagara falls. Many that comes from the feeling of what if I fail? what if people see me as a fraud? Will I follow through and do whatever it takes and not give up on myself? What if I have a baby and I do not have the energy to start my own business? Am I too old to start a family? But what if I can’t have a baby? Can I be a successful coach and still start a beautiful family at this time in my life? Is my partner going to be supportive of me starting my coaching business? And the list goes on… I think I may have 20+ models on these thoughts alone! I know that it will take time for the intentional model to feel real to me and I will need to practice the art of being gentle and patient with myself. It’s like learning something new, you practice until you get it. Will bridge thoughts or ladder thoughts help with this? below is a model. Thank you for your help.

Unintentional Model:
C – Transition
T – I have so much going on right now
F – Overloaded
A – I over analyze, stress myself out, I create more stories in my head about work, finance, starting a family, starting a coaching business
R – I get tired and continue to think about all the things I have to do and worry about the future