Trying to find a dare for me

Hi! Can you please clarify.. are the dares things we want to do but are scared, nervous etc. to do? I was just reading a “ask brooke” and that seemed like what the coach was saying. It’s not the outcome of the dare that matters, it’s managing our feelings after doing something we want to do/ask/ say etc. But many of the dares mentioned I am not interested in doing. I’m not interested in asking a waitress to comp my meal, I’m not interested in touching a stranger’s face, I’m not interested in asking for a rate decrease.. etc. Does that mean those aren’t the dare for me? Sure they may bring up discomfort cause they are out of the ordinary questions.. and learning to manage the discomfort may cause some self confidence.. but they seem kinda fruitless and actually bothersome to me. Like I’m being a smart aleck asking a waitress to comp my meal (I just mean for me personally, no judgment on how this helps others). My dare of the day today was committing to not nagging my husband all day.. it was not easy.. and brought up feelings of frustration and antsyness that I had to manage without lashing out at him.. surely uncomfortable. But I’m glad to see I could do it. Is that a useful dare? Yesterday my dare was dismissing concern over OPO overtime I noticed myself fixated on them. Tomorrow I plan to dare myself to stick to my drink plan…surely something I feel scared and intimidated about. Do these dares fit the critter?? Thank you!!!