Trying to find my Hard Why / Compelling Reason

Hi! I’ve been thinking about my Hard Why/Compelling Reason (and listening to the corresponding podcasts) and would love some coaching around it.  In a previous “Ask a Coach” one of the coaches suggested I ask myself “Why is creating this result important to you?”

I came up with a lot of reasons, but the ones that feel the closest are:
Because in doing so I become the complete me.
Because this is me living my full potential.
Because this is what loving myself looks and feels like.
Because of who I need to be in order to do it.
Because I want to be powerful for myself.

…But I’m not sure they’re compelling enough.  Basically when I think “why do I want create this result” I can see my future me looking at me and smiling and nodding at me like she’s proud of me, and she knew I could do it all along and I am the freaking bees knees for making it happen.  It’s a very powerful image for me.  Is there anything else I can be asking myself or any other ways of phrasing things that you might suggest I look at?  Thank you!