Trying to Find Peace at Work

Hi Coaches, I’m working on my daily homework, it’s my day off and on my day off, our on-call stylist informed me that she can’t accommodate her client this coming Saturday. She offered to try and find a replacement, but no guarantees she can accomplish this. My brain initially went to, I hate finding out there’s a problem when I’m not at work, I don’t make enough money to deal with this, my job stinks, it’s one annoying thing after another, you get the idea, but then I stopped and did my models, focusing on how I want to feel about this situation (and so many work situations that arise on a daily basis just like this one). Truth is, I want to feel like I can handle whatever comes my way. I’m so tired of going the negative route, as if there’s no where else to go.
C: stylist says she can’t accommodate client on Saturday
T: I shouldn’t have to deal with this problem on any day, especially my day off
F: annoyed
A: complain about my job and my responsibilities, generally have a bad attitude, dread going to work
R: I create my own work-related stress because of my negative thinking
C: Same
T: I will do my best to resolve the situation
F: peaceful (also productive but I know we’re supposed to stick with one emotion)
A: give stylist the opportunity to find a replacement, try to find a replacement if she can’t, notify client days in advance if she can’t so she can make other arrangements
R: I accept the situation as is while remaining calm throughout
What to you think? I really want to remain peaceful and productive because as I mentioned, things like this come up regularly and it’s part of my job to resolve it. I’m so tired of resolving other people’s problems (in the PAST) and have gotten resentful about it, but the truth is it is a part of my job and I would love to do it with a better attitude. I have had this attitude for so long, but I’m learning that just because I used to feel resentful and all-things negative, I don’t have to continue feeling that that. My brain and I could use some guidance through this, though:) I don’t want to hate my job, but my thoughts go so quickly negative!
Thank you, everyone!