Trying to finish a 10 Year Creative Project

Hello I have been working on a creative project for 10 years (a documentary film). I’ve made my Impossible Goal to finish it this year. I wonder if there is any advice you have about something I’ve been working on for so long, have so much thought, time and energy wrapped up in it. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the project and other times I feel some shame and embarrassment that it’s not done yet/that it’s taken me so long. I’m committed to finishing it but there’s so much weight bearing on it. Will it be good enough when it’s done? Can I get it into festivals, get distribution, as many of my friends and colleagues from school and work have done with their films? I have friends working on it with me and I don’t want to disappoint them either. It feels overwhelming and gigantic and I’ve also made lots of lists to do small parts of it. Is there any hope for me!?!