Trying to have a baby

Hi Coaches,

I’m 40, I have a 30 year old partner, and an 18 year old son.
My partner wants to have a baby. I’m happy enough to have a baby, but I don’t desperately want one like my partner says he does.
I have an IUD and I have fibroids and so combined with my age, having a baby may be challenging.
I have been going to a naturopath, my partner agreed to see her too and got some herbs and a tonic to take multiple times a day. The tonic doesn’t taste very nice and so my partner doesn’t actually take it.
I think that if I’m going to so much effort to give us the best possible chance to have a baby then the least my partner can do is take the things prescribed to him if he wants to have a baby so badly.
From these thoughts I move on to thinking he’s lazy and list, in my head, all the things he hasn’t done that I think he should do or that he’s said he would do!
I then end up angry and frustrated and take it out on him by yelling and carrying on.
I can’t see any other thoughts to have, that’s not quite true more that I don’t believe them. Why is he not doing things to help something that he actually wants?
Please help, I don’t want to be so angry about this.
Thank you