trying to stay positive while dating

3 weeks of daily messaging, one (great imo) meetup then another date which was 5.5 hours of seamless conversation, listening to records by the fire, a bit of nervousness on both sides and a pretty hot makeout sessh at the end. Didn’t hear from him after the date or the next morning so I wrote the next afternoon and said that I had a great time and would like to hang again. His response was just “me too!” and I haven’t heard from him since. If I were giving advice to a friend (me) I would say.. “Stop writing them and let him get a hold of you since you’ve been more on the pursuing end”. But there is this other side that says, “Write them a vulnerable text” along the lines of”: In the spirit of being vulnerable, I wanted to put it out there that that I like you and am hoping to get to know you more, but I’m not sure if the feeling is mutual? You got pretty quiet after we hung out the other night.. maybe I offended you somehow? As much as I would love to continue a physical relationship, I’m open to keeping it platonic if that’s where you’re at. (*but am I?!?!) Either way, I think you’re a wonderful human and I’m glad we met :)”
Help! (and thank youuuuu 🙂