Trying to watch my thoughts but they’re hiding

Throughout my day I have been trying to notice when I start distracting myself from doing what I need to do. I’ll find myself picking my phone and scrolling through it almost mindlessly before I realize what I’ve done or I’ll begin something and then find myself monologing different scenarios where I imagine what I will say in the future or even singing out loud randomly.

I’ve begun to notice when this happens, but when I ask myself why I am doing it or what feeling do I have right now that is causing me to do this, my mind goes silent. Not blank, because I can feel the thought there but like it is hiding and it knows I’m watching it. The best way I can describe it is like Baby Groot who is always dancing and moving until you look at him and he freezes until you’ve turned away. I’ll stop and look at my mind and as questions, but no answer comes. Then when I have to move on because I have things to do I can feel the thought running through my mind and the cycle repeats.

How can I draw out the questions that are eluding me? or Identify the feelings that cause me to act this way?