Ts about physical pain and symptoms

For the past few years, I’ve been having issues with chronic fatigue, migraines, and having physical pain in my body (neck, back, stomach, etc.) More recently things have been getting worse. The fatigue is daily but the others come and go and because of this, I’m often not able to get things done that I have planned or I have to do the very bare minimum.

I know I don’t want to push myself and my body when the most loving thing would be resting and doing whatever I could to help with the pain.

However, I also have a lot of Ts about this that have been hard to question and are creating feelings of fear, anger, scarcity, and shame that I would love some outside perspective on.

T- This (how I have been feeling) is holding me back.
T- I won’t be able to create the life I want feeling this way.
T- I’m missing out on life.
T- I should be able to do more.
T- I’m using this as an excuse.
T- I have to go slower.