How to turn the emotions back on?

I’m new to SCS. I’m struggling with what seems like a basic issue and I feel completely stuck. Like many others I’m sure, I’ve become an expert at shutting down emotions, burying emotions or feeding the emotions. I’m really good at the feeding my feelings part which is really why I’m here. I’m really trying hard to better understand my thoughts, to process my emotions in the best way, feel my feelings, all of it. I’m finding though that I’m feeling locked up. Like I start to feel an uncomfortable emotion and I can instantly feel myself start to shut it down in fear of feeling it I guess? How do you “pop the cork” when you’ve gotten so good at locking up or shutting down most uncomfortable emotions? I’m ready to let them out, to be uncomfortable in the moment and start working on them but I’m stuck. The only negative emotion that will come out of me these days is anger and I’m so over that. I know its because I’m not allowing the real emotions to come through.