Tutoring session was surprisingly helpful!!!

This isn’t a question but I just wanted to share that I got so much out of my very first 10 minute tutoring call just now! Surprisingly it wasn’t because of what the tutor said (even though what she said was excellent), but instead mainly because of how having a short session I wanted to prep for got me whipped into action.

I began to answer my own questions about how to take massive action in this month’s daily homework and brainstormed ways to do so, and then the tutor was able to help me see that I was on the right track and pointed out that to think of massive actions, I should think of specific scenarios where I would like to benefit from believing my new thing, and then visualize those new actions repeatedly, and that visualization could be my massive action. (Which would eventually help me actually take those actions in the future)

In prepping for the call, I also attempted brainstorming out an unintentional and intentional model for the first time, despite not feeling like I had ever been instructed on how to do so or that I had heard it ages ago on the podcast but forgotten the details. The desire to be prepared on the tutoring call got me to just try something new and put something on paper and even though I couldn’t quite decide on which feeling to put in the F line of my unintentional model (So many negative feelings!), putting it all on paper was great. From there, crafting an intentional model was surprisingly easy AND effective. The new thought completely flipped how the circumstances made me feel, and made me feel compelled into positive action. First try! The tutor then reminded me about bridge thoughts and this prepared me to deal with how to redo my intentional model on another day/time when what I currently have written doesn’t make me feel the same way in the moment.

I’m rambling and raving but this is my first month in Scholars and I just wanted to share that I’m SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED for what my life has in store now. Big changes are coming. I also love the little section in this month’s homework for writing to ourselves from our future selves. Thank you for making SCS, I know this is going to be life changing! 🙂