Tweaking the Goal

Dear Brooke, I posted previously that my goal for this month was “By Sept 30th I will have both my children enrolled in school”. I did the work and 1 of my kids got into a great school and is already there. I doubt I’d have accomplished getting to this school without SCS so thank you!! (BTW – This process is fascinating- as soon as the place came up I was filled with doubt and 2nd guessing but thankfully I had learned from you to expect that!)
My other son, who is 9, doesn’t have a place yet. He can enter a school he likes in April 2018. In the interim I have 2 options – enter him in a not-so-good school or submit an appeal for him to enter the same good school as his sibling. The appeal process takes 4-6 weeks, meantime he is home. I’m in favor of making the appeal but it means I would not achieve my goal on schedule. I want the experience of honoring my commitment & following through to my goal (plus I want him in school) but also I think the 6 week delay is likely worth it. I’m interested in whether you think there are situations that merit adjusting the goal. Thank you so much! Eve