Two Big Goals. Can I be Badass Enough

Hi Brooke,

I’m a life coach as well, and am working on building my business. That is a huge goal of mine. At the same time, I’ve just finished your overeating class and am working on ending emotional eating. Business feels more urgent, but I see emotional eating as a big reason why I don’t have enough mental clarity for the business, as well as additional mental drama allowing me to indulge in confusion and overwhelm. For that reason I think weight loss is slightly higher priority.

I am 5’5, very athletic and 61 (134 lbs) KG. I don’t know what my goal weight “should” be. But the idea of weighing 125 scares me because I’ve pretty much been 130 for as long as I could remember, even before I exercised. I workout 5x a week for enjoyment and health.

I have done 1 week of protocol and realized I’ve been buffering with coffee, stevia and coconut milk, as well as sugar-free drinks. This week I am cutting those out. I eat between 3-8:30 daily as my eating window and am starting to do 2 meals this week. 4 oz protein, 3 tbsp fat (or 1 if eating salmon or eggs) 8 oz starchy veg and 1 pc fruit each time. BORING enough, though I’m a damn good cook. Should I try to cook it in a less appetizing way? Or is that enough? Because if I cook it, it’s going to taste good.

The other thing is my business goals. I made a stretching business goal this month, and I want to be able to do both at the same time. I’m wondering if this is too much? Because at the end of the day its all thoughts right? So I should just manage my brain around both then be able to achieve them? Or am I just setting myself up for failure?