Two cool things

SCS is becoming a daily phenomenon for me, and I love it!

Yesterday, I went to a new restaurant before I saw the Minimalist Live show here in Columbus, Ohio. As I was talking to my friend about SCS and the model and so on, I looked up and saw a familiar looking woman walking toward me. It took me a moment, but then I realized that it was Koritha from the live coaching call the other day. Of course I said hello, and we connected.

But how cool is that to have something virtual become physical?

Then at the Minimalist show, they offered a Q&A session where you can go up the microphone and ask a question in front of everyone in the theatre. I would have NEVER done this kind of thing before, but because it’s still JUNE, and we are still doing the DOD, I did it. I went up, asked a simple question, and felt so normal and empowered. Mind blown.

Loving SCS and its impact on my life! Thanks, Brooke! 🙂