Two models

C: group email from colleague in start up saying I am lying and trying to create trouble. I resigned.
T: this is too much
F: fed up
A: resign
R: ?

Same model but
T: this is not true
F: fed up
A: leave
R: leave because staying is not being true to me?

Same model:
T: I always wreck relationships
F: ashamed
A: obsess, try to justify my actions, bear myself up
R: wreck my relationship with myself??

I feel numb as I’ve just walked out on a job, which pays well, but which I’ve had ethical and relationship issues in. I am second guessing myself. At the same time I am so relieved to be out of a situation that I’m not aligned with and one with a massive opportunity cost.

C: group email from colleague incorrectly saying I’m a liar. Not the first of this kind of email
T: I’ve caused this, I’m at fault
F: disappointed in self, lack of self belief
A: ruminate, seek reassurance from others, think about how they did me wrong, review my behaviour for now I’m at fault
R: ??

Help appreciated!