Two questions about August homework

Hello! I joined LCS last July for the Stop Overeating Program, which I completed and I’m currently losing on a regular basis (already 35 pounds!). I’ve done the last half of the July homework (started when I finished the Stop Overeating) and I am now doing the August program.
My first question is: do I need to finish losing the overweight I still have before starting the Self Coaching program? (I have already set « do Goals » for losing this weight after having listened to the so called podcast) I remember Brooke saying to concentrate on one thing at a time. Does it include self coaching goals?
I’ve already work on my purpose sentence for the Week 1 assignment and I only come with one relating to my job (I’m an English teacher) which is « I want to be a leading teacher in France » Does it need to be about our personnal/intimate life as well?
Here are my Thought Models about that:
Unintentional (C) I want to be a leading teacher in France (T) Who do I think I am to show off like that? (F) Guilt (A) Not doing everything to succeed (Result) Not a leader as I chose to become
Intentional (C) I want to be a leading teacher in France (T) I am a passionate teacher who can share her passion (F) Empowerment (A) Respect the commitments I made to myself (Result) Inspiring other teachers
Thanks in advance, I know it’s a long multiple question 😉
Michèle, from France