Two Questions re: Stop-Overeating

Hello Friend,

First question: My protocol currently is: two meals a day, one at 1PM and one at 7PM. At each meal I eat 4oz protein, 8oz Veg, 2 tbsp fat. (So far I am down 22lbs since Jan 3rd – HOORAH! That’s like a toddler of weight loss!) Just curious – do you eat when you are NOT hungry? I’m finding that I’ve become so fat adapted that I am not even hungry when my designated time rolls around. (::moment of silence for the sheer miracle of that last statement::) Should I not eat until I’m hungry, or stick with protocol?

Second question: Can you recommend a goal weight for me? I am 5’11. I started at 253, I am now 231. My goal since high school was to get under 200lbs, but you’ve inspired me to think that I should think “dream body.” What would you suggest? Should I focus on 195 for now until I get there and then recalibrate my goal? Or is there another number you think might be better?

Thanks as always for everything.
XO Heather