Two Separate Directions – Part 2

Brooke! I love your response.

Here are my thoughts on some things you said –

“I recommend one target market and constraint in what you create.” – Total agree. I’m excited to just focus on what my target market needs – it’s all about the customer.

“I recommend you direct your mind to create results, not let results dictate your mind and actions.” – This one was interesting. I realize now that my thoughts of becoming rich with this Mindset Journal were more of the driving motivation than my thoughts to provide value to my target market. Is this what you mean by letting results dictate your mind? That you focus so much on their being a better future ahead that the result is influencing your thoughts rather than choosing your thoughts to create the result?

“I recommend you follow through on the decisions you make so you don’t spend a lot of time in I don’t know.” – I’m pretty good at the follow through bit, which is why my brain is hesitant to stop pursuing something I committed to publicly. But the reality is that the product can be used for my target market at a later time, and I can customize it for them, not just make some general product in the hopes that everyone will buy. Who cares if people judge me right?

I may actually shift to a whole new branding and approach now that I’ve learned everything about podcasting and website building. I think the more targeted I get the better the outcome. Right now my website is My target market is Mormon men ages 25-35 with young families who struggle with work/life balance and want to be awesome husbands, fathers, and leaders. My podcast and website do target this audience, but rebranding and starting fresh sounds nice. Like pressing the reset button and beginning with the end in mind – designing everything to speak to this market. Thoughts?