Two steps forward…one back

Hi Brooke,
Regarding your deja vu question from me – I didn’t submit twice so must have gotten delayed or something?

Anyways…I started in August and I accomplished my September goals and am down 10lbs. I seem to have a few good days (like more towards my eating protocol) and then a few days where I am half off protocol. If that makes any sense :). I am watching videos of yours daily, I made my own money and weight loss workbooks based on your teachings, and journal a lot. I know I’m making progress but just slowly and in a more two steps forward and one back way. Is that just how I am growing at this point? In your experience, will I start making more progress as I keep working on being aware of and feeling my feelings? I set up free coaching with one of your coaches in training so I know that will help. I keep trying to push myself harder but I have not been able to manage my mind enough to eat protocol more than one day in a row.

I guess my question is…can it be super messy to begin with before finding a rhythm to your growth? I am trying to not judge my progress while still pushing myself to evolve.