Two things

Hey Brooke!
How’s it going?! It’s me, Diane! I joined Self-Coaching Scholars! I’m so happy to be here. I had two things to tell you, but I already forgot one of them–s’okay, it’ll come back to me!

Here’s the thing I remember: I’m setting a big goal so I can bring up even more of my stuff: I’m going to write a book this year. 🙂

I still can’t remember the other thing, so I’ll just say it’s so fun watching your videos–and I’m getting a lot out of them.

Wait! I remembered the second thing! I loved your podcast on apathy and when you said to look back at the last 5 years I saw that I had done so much for myself and evolved so much and I was really impressed with myself. And…I still need to manage my mind every day, every minute, to keep evolving.

So far, my only question is “How’s it going?” but I wanted to tell you how much I’m getting out of doing the daily homework and the exercises from the podcasts. I’m so grateful for all this work you are sharing with all of us!