Two work “goals”

Hi there,

I know you have talked about how just because we are moving toward a certain result – like weight loss or business – that we still can have other things going on in our live, like being a good mom, etc. I know you have also said that you can start a business without having to quit your current job, and in fact, sometimes you recommend it.

But I have an impossible goal of starting a business while keeping my day job and here’s where I get confused. I want to still do well in my job. So, for example, when I have some free time and want to read a business book, for example, I don’t know if I should focus on learning more about my current position so I can continue to grow there, or if I should devote that extra time learning everything there is about the new industry that I am starting. They are both important right now. I’m wondering how you would structure your time and focus if you were building a business while still being a salaried employee who wants to do well there until she leaves.