Two Workouts and Protocol

I have a goal of being in my best physical shape (six pack, energy level, strength etc.) I realized I have a story about this and would love for you to look at my models.

C: Goal of best physical shape
T: I need to do two workouts and follow my protocol perfectly to achieve this goal
F: Needy? Pressure? Desperate?
A: Try to do two workouts a day, I think overwork my body. Get grumpy if children are “in the way” of me achieving my two workouts. Feel like one workout isn’t enough. Don’t celebrate or love doing one workout—it’s always “I need more, one is not enough”. Feel like a failure if I don’t do two a day or follow protocol, pretty sure I end up eating extra, snacking. Not really focused on nutrition as I’m thinking about fitting in workouts.
R: Don’t achieve my goal and keep thinking I need more to achieve it and to eat better.

Other model:

C: Goal of best physical shape
T: if I don’t follow two workouts a day or my protocol I’ll never get what I want
F: sad
A: same as above
R: I never get what I want

Intentional Model:

C: goal of best physical shape
T: I feel amazing or (I take the best care of myself)
F: amazing
A: do one workout a day, or two depending on how I feel. So excited throughout the day, trusting the process and that I will achieve my goals, happier, lighter, excited, feel amazing. More present with family because I feel amazing and know I’ll get what I want.
R: Feel amazing and take the best care of my me regardless if I achieve specific goal