Tying my value to hours worked

I have a belief that the value I provide is tied to the number of hours I work. I work at an agency that requires logging time which reinforces this belief. I have been working on my thoughts in this area to drastically cut down the amount of overtime I had been working previously. But now I am worried I might go too far and am having thoughts that I am taking advantage of the company. We have unlimited PTO and I am heads down providing value for the hours I am focusing on work. So I have evidence to justify my value. However, I still have this belief that if it isn’t 40 hours of heads down value, I’m not doing enough.

C – I logged 6 hours at work because I had a 2 hour appointment in the middle of the day
T – I should work late tomorrow to make up for the missed hours
F – Guilt
A – Not efficient in the tasks I planned, find something to do to fill extra hours, don’t focus on my outside appointment and ruminate on work tasks instead
R – I don’t focus on the value I am providing within the 6 worked hours and fill any extra hours with low value items

Thank you for the feedback.