U-ah moment from thought download

The past two months having access to SCS has been amazing and I have achieved so many good things….they are even rubbing off on my husband, who I totally LOVE! I have been self sabotaging my body for several years, signed up for every program possible, lost weight, gained weight…and so on. Since joining SCS I have definitely noticed that I buffer with food a lot. Each day I get better at doing my thought downloads and today I struck gold. I have really been trying to find my compelling reason for losing weight. And BINGO I found it.
Here was my model:
T – My body is disgusting because I am overweight
F – Self loathing
A – Avoid sex
R – No sexual connection with my husband

C –
T – Love my body
F – Sexy
A – Lose weight
R – Have rampant sex with my husband who I LOVE

It actually brings tears to my eyes because it makes me feel sooooooo good and positive and EMPOWERED.
I am so glad I stumbled over your podcast and grateful to be part of this program.
My efforts with thought downloading are going to be tripled as a result of today.
Thank you so much.
Lauree x