Ugh – I’m afraid to make the wrong decision.

I haven’t started a program yet but loving Scholars. I am doing my HW everyday, watched several different videos, but have not worked on any models really (should I be doing this all the time or is that in the programs?).

I know this has been talked about before but yet I still can’t decide which program to start. I realize if you are working on one that they bleed into each other.

I’m not really sure, if I put this in a model, what my root thought is. I think it’s I’m a afraid to make the wrong decision and waste time – but is that really, is it something deeper I wonder? I also want to say is I want to hurry up 😉 so I can make progress towards my dreams but yet this INACTION is the very thing I’m in this program for! Both Money & Entrepreneur seem logical to start. I’m already working on releasing weight. I have not had a drink in almost 3 weeks (not that I really had a problem drinking but I’m thinking about it too much and that in itself bothered me and I also was having more than 1 glass when I was. I also come from alcoholism in my family so it’s something I often think about of not becoming. Just thinking about that I want a drink makes me feel wrong. However, I feel better not having any right now!! I realized from self coaching scholars it was from buffering that I was drinking so I just stopped. I’m not sure I will stop permanently (on purpose) but for now this is working.

I’m trying not to get overwhelmed and just take one program at a time. I’m also a course junkie and have taken courses like b-school from Marie Forleo. As a matter of fact it just started again this week, I’m also planning to dig in to that (I have yet to finish the entire program and I joined in 2013). I’m torn as to start Entrepreneur or should I start Money. My main issue is with money is I avoid it at all costs so it leaves me with none! I have taken programs on this as well. I know it’s my old beliefs and programs but yet I still avoid it.

So that leads me to what thoughts are rooted to this inaction of not starting a program. Could it be I don’t trust my decisions based on past experiences in courses? Am I afraid of my dreams (which I can’t imagine it is although I’ve heard of this) or is it my self-worth? I’m not sure how to do this model. It seems it could be so many different things.

I’d also love your advice on which program do you think would be more beneficial to start first. I know, just pick one! ha!