Unable to Accept Compliments

When one of the patients or nurses compliments me on my care, I am not able to accept the compliment .
My mind starts to spin on “they must have me mistaken me for someone else”. “she’s just saying that because she feels obligated to say a compliment for what ever reason”
” she doesn’t know what she’s talking about”
Then immediately my mind goes to all the “incompetent” and careless errors I have ever made in the past.  How I do not spent enough time with patients or families.  Clearly this lady that is complimenting me has no idea about anything.

I try to breathe and show myself compassion.
It doesn’t come.
I then fear seeing the same nurse the next day , as she may have figured out that she complimented the wrong person and I will be called out for the fraud that I am.
How can brains be So fucked up ?